Alabama Aquarium

H&P loves to take on new and challenging projects.  These watercolor renderings were created for a client of Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services.  It was a joy to work with them. They do some amazing work!






We have met so many INCREDIBLE people tonight. Absolutely floored with the talent at @madesouth_events. 

Apparently the secret to success is posting on social media.. So here we are. #HandP

Custom Piece


We have no idea why it is truly so difficult for us to snap a pic after painting a picture.... But apparently it's a weakness of ours! Here is a photo of a custom piece we did (very near completion). 

This beaut was sent all the way to NC. Thank you Jill for supporting local art!!! (She's a photographer so hopefully she can get us a sweet pic). 





THE SHIRTS ARE IN! We will be selling these shirts after the @madesouth_events | sept 11&12 in franklin, tn | in our online shop! If you would like to go ahead and order them now, email us at huckandpippa(at)gmail(dot)com and we will get a shirt shipped out to you! #buylocalart 

$18|heather or charcoal grey.